Performer Guide – PIF13

Hello Darling,

Just wanted to mention a few things while you go off with your friends and play for the weekend at The Phoenix Improv Festival. I have included all kinds of information in this guide to help you stay informed and find your way. There is info about the hotel, the theater, special events and general Phoenix info. On Saturday night, Miss Tullio has offered up her house to throw a big party for everyone — so have a good time but be responsible. Respect her property and take advantage of the sober designated drivers. If you ever need anything at anytime Ms. Arend is always available — you can reach her at 480-251-0027. I hope you have a great weekend, I’m proud of you for doing what you love and enjoying life!

Love, Mom


Holiday Inn Express (for our out of town guests)
620 N 6th Street, Phoenix
(602) 452-2020

One person for each room must give over a credit card number for incidentals.

This credit card will not be charged for the room on the night that PIF is covering, however, if you damage any hotel property you will be held liable — there are the best credit card for airline miles for travel or any kind of hike. There is continental breakfast from 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. The Hotel includes a pool, hot tub, Basketball sport court and internet access.

Check-in is at 2 p.m. — earlier check-in may be available upon arrival but not guaranteed.
Check-out is at 11 a.m. — you can call the desk for a later check-out that morning.


222 E Monroe Street, Phoenix 

The Herberger is a beautiful 320 seat theater that has a giant stage. It is located less than 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel (map). You can walk through the Arizona Center just southwest of the hotel to get to it.

When arriving to the theater for tech and performance you will enter the northwest security entrance and check in using your name and troupe name. When entering through security, you must also exit through security. The stage we are using is Stage West and is conveniently on the west side of the theater (straight ahead and to the right) … you will have a personal green room backstage before, during and after your performance to place your things and warm-up. The area is never left unattended and is very safe.

Your PIF13 Badge will be given to you upon arrival and will be necessary to get into the theater to see any shows you wish to attend throughout the weekend (as well as necessary for getting into the Saturday night house party). To see a show you can enter through the lobby — there are also doors from the backstage area to the theater. Your badge will indicate to the Herberger ushers that you do not need a ticket, however, you will be asked to go to the second or third floor balcony to sit. Depending on ticket sales, you may need to stand or give up your seat to ticket holders.

Group Photo

We like to have a photo taken of all PIF Performers and Volunteers, if you can fit it into your schedule. Join us on the Herberger stage, Friday at 6 p.m.

PIF Parties

Thursday Night, April 17th, 11 p.m.
Karaoke @ Plazma
1560 E. Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Friday Night, April 18th, 11:59 p.m.
PIF Late Night @ Space 55
636 E. Pierce Street
Space 55 is located only a few steps away from the hotel. (map)

Jam City (shortform improv jam) – hosted by Tommy Cannon – starts around 12:30 a.m.
This is a BYOB event, feel free to bring refreshments of any kind (out of town guests can put orders in with their den moms).

Good news! Right after Jam City, there will be a No Lights No Lycra dance party curated by Caitlin Steitzer of Honey (NYC) at the Friday night PIF after-party!

What the heck is that?
No Lights No Lycra is a one hour free-form dance party in the dark.

What do I need?
Nothing except yourself! And maybe some water. And comfortable shoes, as the vessi waterproof shoes for men. But bring a pure love of movement, and be ready for some moments of extreme joy.

What should I expect?
The lights are low so you dance without being self-conscious of what you look like. It is intended to be a safe space where you can truly cut loose and cut a rug.

For those reasons we ask that people refrain from:
* standing and watching (it’s a dance floor, not a standing floor)
* talking too much
* using cell phones
* breakdancing
* grinding on strangers

At the heart of NLNL is the belief that everyone can dance! Let yourself go and move to the music however the heck you want. See you Friday!

Saturday Night, April 19th, 11 p.m.
HOUSE PARTY @Turney Mansion/Lush Manor
502 W Turney Ave, Phoenix, 85013
Hosted by Rachel Tullio and Tammy McGreevy-Bond
Beverages and food provided!

OUT OF TOWN GUESTS: Your den moms will help you transport to and from the party so you don’t have to worry about driving — we will have designated drivers who can take you back to the hotel whenever you are ready to retire for the night.


Get more info by visiting

Thursday Night (estimated times) — each group gets 20 min.

Arizona Showcase
6–6:30 p.m. Open Tech
6:30 p.m. House Opens
7 p.m. Start

7:00 PM Unicorn Warpath
7:20 PM Dutchman
7:40 PM Salmon Shane
8:00 PM Exit 185
8:20 PM Mail Order Bride
9:10 PM Judd
9:30 PM Robot Destroyers
9:50 PM Light Rail Pirates
10:10 PM The Displacers
10:30 PM END

Friday Night (estimated times) — each group gets 25 min.

5:30–6:30 p.m. Open Tech
6 p.m. GROUP PHOTO (on stage)
6:30 p.m. House Opens
7 p.m. Start

7:00 PM JaxN Reed
7:30 PM Street Lightning
8:00 PM Tandem
8:30 PM Mister Town City
9:30 PM Galapagos
10:00 PM Michael Keaton
10:30 PM Switch Committee
11:00 PM END

Saturday Night (estimated times) — each group gets 25 min.
4–4:30 p.m. Open Tech (both shows)

All Ages Show

4pm-4.30pm Open Tech Time
Time Estimates 5pm Start
5.3pm Apollo 12
6pm Jester’Z
6.30pm END

6:30 p.m. House Opens
7 p.m. Start

7:00 PM MuChuChu
7:30 PM Specter
8:00 PM Pawn Take Queen
8:30 PM King Ten
9:30 PM NCT Mainstage
10:00 PM Umlautilde
10:30 PM Honey
11:00 PM END
12:00 AM — OUT OF VENUE —


Find more info at

Saturday, April 19th – ALL WORKSHOPS ONLY $30 EACH

Phoenix Theatre (Hardes Theatre Rehearsal Room A, SE corner of building)
100 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ  85004
10 a.m. – Noon: Jason Pardo – Start Simple, Play Strong
1–3 p.m.: Switch Committee – Hyper Play

The Torch Theatre
4721 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012
10 a.m. – Noon: Karen Graci – From Moment One
1–3 p.m.: Rick Andrews – Game Without Thinking


Saturday, April 19th, 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
Cost: $5 (a small amount to help cover rental costs)
The Holiday Inn Express (Conference Room)
620 N. 6th Street, Phoenix

Session One: 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
Session Two: 2–4 p.m.

Check-In at The Holiday Inn Express Conference Room

The 2014 PIF Improv Conference is bringing together improvisors from all over the country to share knowledge and experience about the entire world of improv, on and off stage. We’ll be using a participant-driven unconference format where topics are proposed, led, and discussed by participants in attendance. In improv, we treat each other like poets and geniuses and in this unconference, we’ll rely on each other to generate ideas and solutions to make us all better at what we do.

Other Details

Looks like it’s going to be the usual hot Arizona spring weather — resting in the high 80s during the daytime and getting into the low 60s in the wee hours. Bring some summery clothes, sunscreen and remember to drink lots of water. I would still bring a light jacket — you’d be surprised how cold low 60s are when you’ve been in 88 degree weather all day.

Get a look at the Area you’ll be staying, — click on the map

To find your starting point, drag the map to the north and slightly to the east to find the corner of Fillmore and 6th Street where the Holiday Inn Express is labeled on the map. The Herberger Theatre is located slightly west on the southeast corner of 1st Street and Van Buren (which is one street south of Fillmore). If you are driving you can leave your car parked at the hotel and walk everywhere you need. For getting to and from workshops, the den moms are set up to assist you or we also have the Light Rail which can take you to both workshop locations as well as into Tempe (see below).

There are plenty of things to do around town, even if it is just walking through our city.

  • Arizona Center is just across Fillmore from the Hotel. It has many restaurants, sit down and quick pick-up as well as a Starbucks!
  • Civic Park is located south of Fillmore between Central and 1st Ave and is a delightful place to walk to.
  • Heritage Square is southwest of Monroe and 7th Street, it is a preserved city block from the late 1800s.
  • The Phoenix Science Museum. Located in Heritage Square
  • CityScape has a Lucky Strike Lanes Bowling Alley among other things such as shopping and eating to wander about. That is located on the southwest corner of Washington and Central Ave (southwest of the Herberger Theater)
  • There is a Circle K north of the hotel on 7th Street and Roosevelt — and for any toiletry needs a CVS in the CityScape area on the west side of downtown.
  • I recommend Carly’s 128 E Roosevelt Street for a great local restaurant.I recommend Rose And Crown 628 E Adams Street for a great local bar.
  • Roosevelt Row (Roosevelt Road between 1st Street & 7th Street, just north of the Holiday Inn Express) has awesome locally-owned coffeeshops, restaurants, bars, and other interesting businesses that are just a short walk from the #PIF13 hotel, Holiday Inn Express. They include:- Jobot Coffee, Crepes, & Tacos (open 24 hours on the weekend)
    Melt Ice Cream
    Lost Leaf Gallery & Bar
    Lawn Gnome Used Bookstore
    Short Leash Gourmet Hot Dogs
    Carly’s Bistro
    Nostra Style House Boutique
    Angel’s Trumpet Ale House
    FilmBar (it’s an indie movie theatre & a bar!)

We also have the Light Rail which can take you to Tempe in 20 minutes. Tempe is where ASU main campus is — there is also the Tempe Town Lake and Mill Avenue which is filled with lots of little shops, restaurants and bars. The closest Light Rail Station to the hotel is 3rd Street and Washington. Fares are $2 for a one-way ticket and $4 for an all-day pass.

The parking lot closest to the Herberger is a paid parking garage with no validation. Downtown meters are free after 5 p.m. and all-day on weekends. For additional free parking, there is a college lot that is free in the evenings on weekdays and all-day on the weekends — it is located at the northeast corner of 5th Street and Fillmore, only accessible from 5th Street heading one way to the north.

Closest Light Rail stops to Herberger Theater:
Washington and 3rd Street coming from the east.
Jefferson and 3rd Street coming from the north.
It is $2 for a one way ticket and $4 for an all day pass.

If you have any other questions about PIF weekend … please contact Jacque Arend at 480-251-0027 or