PIF Volunteers

Thank you for you interest in volunteering at PIF 2017. All volunteers will get all access to the Phoenix Improv Festival shows and after events.




Here are the areas for volunteers and a little about each:

Performance Stage set up and strike – Will need folks to be at the Herberger Theatre on Friday at load in time (TBD, around 4pm) to help carry PIF stuff into the building for the initial set up and again on Saturday at 11pm to strike, pack up, clean and move out.

Truck – we need a truck for set-up & strike to help us move our set from The Torch Theatre to the Herberger and vice versa.

Food Running – During the shows we are responsible of feeding the Theater’s employees with food. We will need someone to run for food during every performance.

Green Room Maintenance & Backstage Nosh – These folks help to set up and maintain the green rooms & nosh table. Groups are each assigned their own room and sometimes they share. At the beginning of each night the rooms & nosh table are set up and then cleaned and refilled for the second half of the night (if applicable). At the end of the night the rooms are cleaned and all the trash taken out.

Party Set Up – It takes more than one person to throw a great party. On Saturday night PIF hosts the big shabang – to be held at a an Alwun House in Garfield Historic Neighborhood. This position can include set-up, door security, bartending and clean up – depending on where your interest lies. If you select this area of interest, you will be contacted separately by the party host. Click for info here at www.securityinfo.com about security online services.

Designated Driver – Saturday night specifically, not every Den Mother will be capable of driving or staying out til 1 or 3am. If you know you will remain responsible and can hang at a great party for a few hours – lend us a hand by ensuring the safety of our guests back to their hotel.

Photography and/or media – Interested in taking photos throughout the weekend for the PIF archives? This job is for you! We request that you have a good camera for interior shots w/o a flash and are committed to dumping your photos at the end of each night.