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2017 Workshop Information & Schedule

This year the festival is presenting some great instructors with a vast array of focuses. Date: Saturday, April 22nd Cost: $65.00 Regular Locations:  Arizona Actors Academy Cambridge Court, 2701 N. 16th Street Unit #210, Phoenix, AZ 85006 The Torch Theatre 4721 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012 REGISTRATION CLOSED 11:00am – 1:00pm Establish Your Environment Discover Your Scene with Eddie… Read more →

FOUR PILLARS OF IMPROV with Jacob Schneider

Description: If we are telling human stories on stage, then what makes us human?  This workshop invites students to rediscover four powerful forces inside them that allow for improvising moving human characters, scenes, stories, games, and shows. The Reckoning’s Jake Schneider leads this fun and fulfilling class that weaves together 500 year old traditions from Comedia del Arte with some… Read more →

The (Truly) Organic Harold with Charlie McCrackin

Description: Put the outline on the sidelines and journey into the unknown of structureless Harolds. You will learn and practice techniques to get you out of your head and into the piece you’re creating without the pressure of premise or preconception. A strong focus on Group Mind, patterns and support will drive you to create more interesting, original and energetic… Read more →

Keep Calm and Carry On with Eric Hunicutt

Description: The first moments of any scene contain a huge amount of information. Often times, we ignore what’s right in front of us, kidding ourselves that The Scene hasn’t “started” yet, so we miss important clues. In our rush (sometimes panic!) to establish the scene, we concentrate so hard we forget to pay attention. This workshop focuses on how to say “Yes” to what’s already happening and use… Read more →

Establish Your Environment Discover Your Scene with Eddie Pina

Description: Learn to focus on this often neglected aspect of scene work, the “Where”.  By committing and then playing with your Where it can lead discoveries that can contribute to the scene without pigeon holding you or your scene partner and you can also do tree trimming to make the scene perfect. This is done in two steps: Establish then… Read more →