Category: Past Troupes

Irony City – Pittsburgh

Irony City is a group of improvisers who started out as strangers and became a family. Founded in 2006, they have a wide diversity of backgrounds in comedy, acting and improvisation, and learned short and longform improvisation together before there was any formal training in Pittsburgh. Their self-education allowed them to develop their own unique artistic voice. Irony City creates… Read more →

Pick and Roll – San Diego

Pick and Roll perform a long form montage, where they play multiple characters within the world they create. They perform a fast and physical brand of improv. Pick and Roll was an official selection of the 2014 Red Rocks Improv Festival. Read more →

The Recchia – San Francisco

The Recchia is Endgames Improv‘s original house team, formed in 2011 and performing their show Your F!#&ed Up Relationship. The show has quickly become one of San Francisco’s favorite underground comedy experiences. The Recchia is it’s centerpiece; a collection of some of Endgames’ most seasoned improvisers, bringing you an audience-inspired series of scenes about our craziest relationships. Your F!#&ed Up… Read more →

The Comedy Project – Pocatello, Idaho

The Comedy Project is Southeast Idaho’s premier improv troupe. The Comedy Project shows demonstrate versatility and variety in play, and feature short and longform influences. TCP employs classic longform formats, such as the tried and true classics Armando and Harold, as well as formats of their own invention — such as Choose Your Own Adventure. Members of TCP have developed their… Read more →

TIM INC – Tucson

TIM INC brings the exciting and artistic longform Harold to the stage utilizing the TIM philosophy of comedy. TIM INC is based at the Tucson Improv Movement theater, cast members include Andrew Hatch, Jessica Peck, Ben Dietzel, Michael Dean, Jessica Gregg, Dan Kellish, Catherine Bartlett and Cory Jenks. Read more →

Fancy Football – Los Angeles

Fancy Football’s Holly McKee-Clark and Jodi Skeris both originate from Wisconsin and currently reside in Los Angeles. The duo have developed their own, yet to be named, improv form that takes the audience into the life of two characters that will touch your heart and your funny bone (they made us write that). The pair also write and perform sketch… Read more →

Empty Promises – Austin

Empty Promises is a Harold team who honor the pure Chicago style form. Fast, fun, whimsical and smart, Empty Promises promises to deliver delight and laughter to every stage it hits. Together they discover new worlds in a quick-paced, physical powerhouse of a show. Coldtowne Theater’s Harold standard bearers, Empty Promises, play fast and loose all over Texas. Headquartered in… Read more →

For Science! – Chicago

For Science was founded in 2010 with a group of Chicago improvisers and filmmakers. In its current incarnation, Dan Ennion and Nate Baumgart perform a duo improv show, with an organic and patient build-up, followed by frenzied and sometimes absurd acceleration. In Chicago For Science! has performed on stages at Second City, iO, numerous independent theaters and in innumerable dive… Read more →