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2015 Mini-Workshop Information & Schedule

This year the festival is presenting two blocks of mini-workshops. These will be 50 minutes in length with smaller classes to feature hyper focused exercises, and physical exercises with an exercise ball amazon. Cost: Single Workshop $15, Two for $25 Check-In Location: Actors WorkHouse (604 E Pierce Street, PHX)  ALL THE WORKSHOPS ARE FULL – Registration is closed 10:00am –… Read more →

Stage Contact

Description: Stage combat + stage affection = stage contact! Expand the physicality in your scene work, as well as your level of comfort with touch, in this mini-workshop. Learn the how to engage in an improv setting, focusing on safety and effective non-verbal communication between you and your partner. We will also work on relationship definition through affection, exploring ways… Read more →

The Role of the Back Line

Description: Every Ensemble with more than two performers should hone not just their internal scenic awareness, but the abilities and connectedness of the back line. In this workshop we will focus on heightening and expanding the relationship being played in the scene using a plethora of edits and techniques. Instructor: Chuck Charbeneau Date: Sat. April 18th Time: 11:00am – 11:50am… Read more →

Everything You Need is in Your Partner

Description: Being the only person inside your own head can get really lonely, sometimes. It also makes for really lousy improv. So get out of there, whydontcha? Realize that there’s a whole other person (or 2 or 4 or more!) on-stage with you and everything they say or do can be pure gold, if only you could see past your… Read more →

Acting in Improv

Description: Add more to your improv scenes with grounded reality that turns out to be super funny. Truth indeed is in comedy. Find out what happens when you play out a scene as dramatically as possible. Instructor: Jodi Skeris Date: Sat. April 18th Time: 10:00am – 10:50am Location: Actors WorkHouse (604 E Pierce Street, PHX) Cost: $15.00 REGISTER This Workshop… Read more →

Face Your Improv Fears

Description: Fear is a natural part of life- but is it something that holds you back or something that propels you forward? Does it force you to leap into the beautiful wild unknown, or does it stop you from doing anything at all? In this workshop we will examine our improv fears, whatever they may be, and attack them head-on.… Read more →

Irony City – Pittsburgh

Irony City is a group of improvisers who started out as strangers and became a family. Founded in 2006, they have a wide diversity of backgrounds in comedy, acting and improvisation, and learned short and longform improvisation together before there was any formal training in Pittsburgh. Their self-education allowed them to develop their own unique artistic voice. Irony City creates… Read more →

Pick and Roll – San Diego

Pick and Roll perform a long form montage, where they play multiple characters within the world they create. They perform a fast and physical brand of improv. Pick and Roll was an official selection of the 2014 Red Rocks Improv Festival. Read more →