Fight the Power! Diversity & Inclusion at Your Theater – Marina Mastros

Friday, May 3rd 2pm – 5pm
Fight the Power! Diversity & Inclusion at Your Theatre

Instructor: Marina Mastros, Inclusion Director at ACME Comedy in L.A.
Cap: 20
Cost: $30
Location: TBD

About the Workshop: Fight the Power!

Wanna make your theater a more equitable place to play? We ask the question: how do we make sure underrepresented groups have easy, visible paths to positions of power in our theaters? Prepare for a hard analysis of traditional power structures. Then learn how to disrupt, dismantle, and replace those with more inclusive practices. We will tackle topics like casting, hiring, and performing! Bring your current best methods to share and any tough issues from your home theater. ¡Sí se puede!

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About the Instructor: Marina Mastros

Marina Mastros is a queer, biracial Chicana and the Inclusion Director at ACME Comedy in LA. She is the former Inclusion Director and teacher at iO West (RIP). Marina has created three diversity programs at theaters across California and consulted on the creation of four more in two states. For two years, Marina was a speaker at Our Cities on Our Stages, an international symposium on diversity in improv. Inspired by that experience, she recently created Everybody Get in Here! a diversity & inclusion symposium for Los Angeles improv. Marina has been improvising professionally since 2004 and teaching since 2007. She is a graduate of UCBTLA and iO Chicago.

Marina performs with her UCB team Sassy Bluff, and MAX, a former iO West Harold team. She co-hosts Campout Creeps, a comedy podcast about the supernatural.

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