Controlled Chaos – Zeke Nicholson

Saturday, May 4th 2pm5pm
Improv Workshop: Controlled Chaos
Instructor: Zeke Nicholson of White Women and Cardinal Redbird
Cap: 14
Cost: $30
Location: TBD

About the Workshop: Controlled Chaos

Many improv scenes and sets can be “technically correct” yet still somehow suffer from not being dynamic enough. This workshop will focus on methods to introduce a little bit of chaos into your scene work, making unexpected and bold choices that keep the improviser ahead of the audience, and fostering a greater sense of play. It’s important to be able to stay on the rails, but it’s also important to jump out of the cart and fall down the mountain every now and again.

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About the Instructor: Zeke Nicholson

Zeke Nicholson is a performer/writer hailing from Rhinebeck, New York. After graduating from Williams College, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy, enrolling at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB) immediately upon arrival. Zeke is a member of the UCB House team Cardinal Redbird, as well as a member of the all-black, all-male comedy group “White Women,” who are regular UCB main stage performers for both improv and sketch, showcasing their particular brand of high-energy and physical comedy. White Women has done improv all over the U.S. and written and performed sketches for Comedy Central and Funny or Die. When he’s not doing comedy, Zeke is an actor you probably don’t recognize from things like “The Good Place,” “Take My Wife,” and Jordan Peele’s “Weird City.” He’s also a writer on NBC’s “A.P. Bio.”

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