Gender Blender ~ Betse Green

      Gender Blender Gender is a construct: so let’s get constructive! With an emphasis on finding authenticity through subject matter often lost in stereotypes, we will utilize playful exercises to break from the binaries that bind and draw strong, meaningful connections to the gender identity’s in your life, both in and out of performance.
      Do you struggle with playing the opposite identifying gender as a grounded, real character vs. caricature? Do you endow your scene partner as their identifying gender when they are trying to play the opposite? Come prepared to walk in the opposite identifying gender’s shoes. Taking on what it truly feels like to embody all the physical, emotional and communication traits of the opportunity identifying gender. Valuable communication, creative and relationship building skills are packed into this fun and interactive workshop taught by CSz Boston owner and 15-year professional improviser and Certified Improv Educator and Architect, Betse Green. By the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away knowing:
●      How to make supportive, creative choices that encourage communication
●      The value and purpose of walking in the opposite identifying gender’s shoes and learn more about yourself
●      How to play more authentic opposite identifying genders
Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move your body in different positions.

DATE: Saturday, April 21st, 2018

TIME: 1:00pm-3:30pm

LOCATION: Phoenix Center For The Arts

1202 N 3rd St | Phoenix, AZ 85004

PREREQUISITE: Minimum 1 year improv or acting experience

PRICE: $50.00


      Betse Green has been a very active member of the Portland Improv scene since 2002. She is an ensemble member of ComedySportz Portland and The Brody Theater and frequently guests at Curious Comedy and Funhouse Lounge. She also performs regularly with Peachy Chicken, B&B, and Gladys Kravitz. Her talents have been showcased at festivals across the Globe, including the Phoenix Improv Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, Slapdash International Festival (London), Stumptown Improv Festival, IFCincy, DCM, Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, Detroit Improv Festival and DC Improv Festival. Betse teaches improv classes at ComedySportz, Curious Comedy Theater and The Brody Theater. In her spare time she is the co-owner and Education Director for ComedySportz Boston.
      With nearly two decades of improv experience, Betse Green knows a thing or two about “YES; AND…!” while still being able to address barriers both nervously personal and inherently societal. As a player & instructor, she has performed all over North America and the UK. Her curiosity compass points directly toward forming strong, grounded characters, whose honest relationships form the heart of the scene. She likes to play for the others: those people and situations that can otherwise be forgotten on the improv stage, as is apparent in her work with people possessing a wide range of abilities and experience. Her workshops explore a variety of topics-from improv basics, to guiding experienced players through complex territories such as race and gender, and how artists can incite and continue these conversations from the stage. Yet paramount to any ideology is FUN! Betse’s lust for life has made her a staple of the Oregon improv community and continues to propel her imagination and dedication to Portland’s improv stages and beyond.


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