2018 performers

Always in Trouble
Phoenix, AZ
Always In Trouble is a Harold troupe formed at the Torch Theatre in Phoenix that uses heightening, unwavering and instantaneous support and a dedication to having FUN as the foundation for our play. Our shows tend to be zany, and to run the gamut of human emotions and experiences.

B & B
Portland, OR
Betse Green and Bill Cernansky have been married since 1989. They’ll take a break from exploring their own relationship to explore some made-up relationships for you, probably stealing each other’s characters, too, because it’s much easier to do on stage than in real life.

Phoenix, AZ
The dynamic married duo of Michelle and Tommy Cannon take to the stage an improvised comedy show with a focus on strong characters and unique relationships. Every show takes the performers and audience to the playful edge of the imagination.

Danny & Arnold
Chicago, IL
Award winning comedy duo, Danny and Arnold has been very quickly gaining a following in Chicago, IL. With a huge catalog of characters developed before the audience each and every show, D&A build a world that is colorful and well-realized. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, always entertaining; these performers know how to really dig into what makes relationships tick

The Displacers
Phoenix, AZ
One of Phoenix’s premiere Harold teams

Phoenix, AZ
Mack Duncan and Liz Hutchman began performing together in the musical troupe The Remainders. They began collaborating as Dutchman in 2010. They have played frequently around Phoenix, AZ and have appeared in the Phoenix Improv Festival.

Tucson, AZ
We are two women, 20 years apart in age, but close in proximity to humor. We find inspiration in the space between the words and languish in the language of strong relationships.

Phoenix, AZ
Having performed countless forms and styles of shows across North America since 2003, Galapagos’ performances are now liquid metal shaped by the suggestion and the group mind. One of the founding groups of The Torch Theatre in Phoenix, they place full commitment, exploring the absurd as a team, and having a blast above all, especially when it involves hijinks like mixing lofty artistic ideals with shameless pop culture tropes.

New York City, NY
Honey is a sweet substance created by the group mind of bees. Honey is also a sweet improv show created by the group mind of 5 New York City improvisers.

Chandler, AZ
High energy comedy from Chandler, AZ.

Hudson Bae
Mesa, AZ
Britanee and Emily first became friends as sophomores in high school. They parted ways for four years as they both pursued college as they both began playing in small troupes and pursuing musical avenues. They reunited two years ago and found that they both loved improv, music, and singing together. They have loved building together as Hudson Bae for the last two years, performing at JesterZ, Comedy Off Main St., The Mesa Improv Festival, and as reining Thunderdome champions at ImprovMania.

Los Angeles, CA
A father-son comedy team from the small fishing village of Nagoya, Japan, Jetzo has come to America to live their comedy dreams! Come see this one-of-a-kind combination of clown, dance and improvisation that makes the audience part of the show!

Laura Ingalls
Phoenix, AZ
Based out of Phoenix, AZ, Marisol Chavez and Sara Palmer make up the long-form improv duo, Laura Ingalls. If you enjoy people watching or have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, Laura Ingalls gives you a front row seat into the lives of characters and situations based on a single suggestion.

Light Rail Pirates
Phoenix, AZ
The Light Rail Pirates (LRP) all formed out of a short form group in 2006 to pursue longform performances. They started their journey with the complex format of The Deconstruction. The work they did early on strengthened them into a force to reckon with. They possess strong skills in character work, relationships and high energy play with a strong understanding of the bigger picture. LRP has created forms of their own such as Postal, Abraham Lincoln, Rantonrougue and Swap Meet. They do not hold back on stage and today they have a wonderful mix of skills with a sense of focus. Their shows really deliver a series of belly laughs that will leave you smiling.

San Diego, CA
Lipshtick is a San Diego based team that has been together since August of 2013. Teamwork, dedication to the craft and their undying admiration for one another fuels the shows they regularly perform at National Comedy Theatre. Lipshtick performs a variety of formats and guarantees to bring high energy and strong characters to the stage. In April of 2017 Lipshtick took the stage at the Orange County Improv Festival. The troupe performed at the 2016 Fringe Festival in San Diego and was awarded the Best Improv Show Award for their performances. In April of 2016 they performed in the Femprov festival in San Francisco.

Los Angeles, CA
MAX was an iO West house Harold team that was graduated from Harold night and is now playing with new forms.

Phoenix, AZ
Jacque Arend and Xchel Hernandez Zendejas have been performing together since 2005. They joined together as a duo in the summer of 2012 for one last hurrah before parting ways. Born of that was MuChuChu, a force that burns as bright as the north star.

Phoenix, AZ
From the absurd and playful, to the real and ridiculous, shows often tackle complex themes such as renewal, loss, hope, stagnation, death and other hilarious tragedies that define the human spirit. NewHeart strives to bring love, honesty and passion to the world, one set at a time.

NCT Phoenix
Mesa, AZ
The National Comedy Theatre Phoenix’s competitive improv comedy show is a spontaneous and interactive comedy show and YOU (the audience) get to shout out suggestions, challenge the performers, and decide which team of comedians is the funniest! No two shows are ever the same .

Los Angeles, CA
An iO West main stage Harold team, Pockets combines the wonderful talents of nine veteran improvisors. Every show ebbs and flows in it’s rhythm, weaving together different scenes and themes into one hilarious and action packed piece.

Red Door
Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Marsico and Justin Michael Terry do dark, silly, stupid comedy. We do our best to shine a little light on the world and each other. The world is rough… Look for the joy in it.

Robot Destroyers From Planet Earth
Phoenix, AZ
Robot Destroyers From Planet Earth: We are a longform improv power duo bringing comedy to the sad people of our home planet of Earth. We enjoy delivering high stakes status play, fun characters, and dynamic visuals to our shows. We have thrilled and chilled audiences in multiple venues in Arizona and Mexico. We hope to thrill and chill audiences for you sometime in the near yet frightening future!

Shermer High
San Diego, CA
Shermer High is a San Diego-based longform improv ensemble specializing in the Deconstruction (as developed by the Family). Cast members have trained at Finest City Improv, Old Town Improv Company (formerly Sidestage Improv), National Comedy Theatre, Second City Hollywood, iO West, and Upright Citizens Brigade.

Phoenix, AZ
Scene partners are side-coached through their scenes, and are obligated to incorporate notes that are often purposely awful. It would be mean-spirited if we weren’t having so much darn fun.

Skewed News Hour
Phoenix, AZ
Skewed News Hour has been performing a weekly show for over seven years. The audience cuts out articles from the days paper and e read and dissect themes and commentaries from them.

Phoenix, AZ
With members from every part of this fresh nation, one audience suggestion brings Spearmint together to create different themes and worlds for the group to explore. Spearmint has been performing together since January 2014 and is a Harold team at the Torch Theatre in Phoenix Arizona. Spearmint has performed in the Del Close Marathon in NYC in 2014 and 2015. They have also performed at the 2016 and 2017 Phoenix Improv Festival.

Cedar City, UT / Fullerton, CA
Having met at Camp Improv Utopia, a strong and immediate bond was created between TJ, Wendy, Josh and Kristie. TJ and Wendy are from Off The Cuff in Cedar City. Josh and Kristie are from Spectacles Improv Engine in Orange County. Their fondness for each other led to performing together at the Red Rocks Improv Festival.