FOUR PILLARS OF IMPROV with Jacob Schneider


If we are telling human stories on stage, then what makes us human?  This workshop invites students to rediscover four powerful forces inside them that allow for improvising moving human characters, scenes, stories, games, and shows. The Reckoning’s Jake Schneider leads this fun and fulfilling class that weaves together 500 year old traditions from Comedia del Arte with some modern Short & Longform Games & Scenes.

  • Instructor: Jacob Schneider
  • Date: Sat. April 22nd
  • Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
  • Location: Arizona Actors Academy

    • Cambridge Court, 2701 N. 16th Street Unit #210, Phoenix, AZ 85006
  • Cost: $65.00 Regular
  • Requirement: Any Experience Level


IMG_2268Jacob Schneider’s improv credits include The Reckoning, several iO Chicago Shows, Comedy Sportz Ensemble, Second City Theatricals, Annoyance Productions, Playground Theater Productions, The Improv Shop, Improvised Shakespeare Company, & is a co-founder of San Cliche. He’s taught classes at iO & Comedy Sportz, and workshops in Chicago, LA, Kansas City, Columbia Mo, St Louis, and Rapid City’s West Dakota Improv.  He has studied Comedia del Arte with The Actors Gang from whom he learned the Four Pillars.  He currently coaches improv teams in St Louis.

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