2017 Performers

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Apollo 12
Phoenix, AZ
A founding troupe of The Torch Theatre, Apollo 12 attempts to play to the top of their game as well as the audience’s’ intelligence. Delving deep into literature, mythology and pop culture, Apollo 12 builds up ideas intellectually and then gleefully rips down those ideas bit by bit with a ruthless sense of playfulness.

B & B
Portland, OR
Betse Green and Bill Cernansky have been married since 1989. They’ll take a break from exploring their own relationship to explore some made-up relationships for you, probably stealing each other’s characters, too, because it’s much easier to do on stage than in real life.

Los Angeles, CA
B.E.T.H. is a duo improv team consisting of Elizabeth Reichelt and Paige Fockler. Elizabeth and Paige met at The Second City, Hollywood Training Center in 2015, and have been best friend since! They are coached by Celeste Pechous

The Cast
New York, NY
Follow around the cast and crew of a [one-night-only / improvised-just-for-you / that’s-right-entirely-made-up] play, as they move from on-stage to off, and in and out of “character.”

The Displacers
Phoenix, AZ
One of Phoenix’s premiere Harold teams

Euro Trash
San Francisco, CA
Euro Trash is a duo composed by a Turkish woman and an Italian man. Asli doesn’t speak Italian, Andrea doesn’t understand Turkish. Still, they understand each other, sometimes – and they will take you on an amazing journey of playful improvisation and mixed cultures.

Phoenix, AZ
Having performed countless forms and styles of shows across North America since 2003, Galapagos’ performances are now liquid metal shaped by the suggestion and the group mind. One of the founding groups of The Torch Theatre in Phoenix, they place full commitment, exploring the absurd as a team, and having a blast above all, especially when it involves hijinks like mixing lofty artistic ideals with shameless pop culture tropes.

GIF of the Magi
Phoenix, AZ
A GIF is often a mini-explosion of intention and movement, a shared cultural language. GIF of the Magi uses that emotional gift (provided by the audience) to launch their intimate show combining patience, subtle absurdity, investment and playfulness.

New York City, NY
Honey is a sweet substance created by the group mind of bees. Honey is also a sweet improv show created by the group mind of 5 New York City improvisers.

JaxN Reed
Phoenix, AZ
JaxN Reed has a total of eight solid years of improvising together. They show the audience a small part of the world by bringing strong characters, solid relationships and great stage chemistry.

Laura Ingalls
Phoenix, AZ
Based out of Phoenix, Az. Marisol Chavez and Sara Palmer make up the long-form improv duo, Laura Ingalls. If you enjoy people watching or have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, Laura Ingalls gives you a front row seat into the lives of characters and situations based on a single suggestion.

Light Rail Pirates
Phoenix, AZ
Light Rail Pirates have been active since 2006. Using strong choices and brilliant connections they create a high energy longform experience from beginning to end.

Liss N’ Sams
San Francisco, CA
Joe Liss and Marcus Sams are, Liss N’ Sams. Joe is one of the writers and stars of the award winning musical The Bicycle Men which recently had sold-out run at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Marcus is a working actor / teaching artist in the Bay Area and the creator of the Two Play class.

Mail Order Bride
Phoenix, AZ
Mail Order Bride is Phoenix’s first and longest running all-female longform improvisational group. Mastering risk taking with strong characters and relationships, Mail Order Bride created performance styles that sticks with their audiences.

Minneapolis, MN
Butch and Hannah dive headfirst into scenes and characters they paint for the audience, pushing one another to play characters with a variety of genders, species, mythical origins, and horrible secrets until the lights go out.

Phoenix, AZ
Jacque Arend and Xchel Hernandez Zendejas have been performing together since 2005. They joined together as a duo in the summer of 2012 for one last hurrah before parting ways. Born of that was MuChuChu, a force that burns as bright as the north star.

Natural Born Killaz
Detroit, MI
NBK is a Detroit-based duo. Jaclynn Cherry and Mike Smith played their first two-person set in 2014 when the rest of the members of their larger troupe couldn’t make a show. Sparks flew, emotions ran high, and the rest was history.

NCT Shortform
Mesa, AZ
Short form with an emphasis on honest real scenework. Oh and games because we love it.

Los Angeles, CA
An iO West main stage Harold team, Pockets combines the wonderful talents of nine veteran improvisors. Every show ebbs and flows in it’s rhythm, weaving together different scenes and themes into one hilarious and action packed piece.

The Reckoning
Los Angeles, CA
For over a decade, the Reckoning has played to packed houses and critical acclaim at iO Chicago and toured across the country with their singular brand of long-form improvisation. Hailed as “hands-down, the best in Chicago” and “a versatile rock band” of improvisers, they are known for their unpredictable shows and forms, as well as experimentation and innovation as ensemble.

Rhyme and Punishments
Chicago, IL
Rhyme & Punishment improvises feature-length shows in various Broadway styles, from Cats and A Chorus Line, to Heathers and Big Fish. This diverse and multi-talented team delights audiences week after week with their signature brand of fast and funny improv, infused with fierce musicality and a hefty dose of Broadway punch.

Los Angeles, CA
Rococo are a main stage Harold team that performs weekly at UCB Franklin and Sunset theaters in Los Angeles. Rococo are Cody Kopp, Londale Theus Jr., Dhruv Singh, Jake Sprague, Rose O’Shea, Hillary Anne Matthews, Heather Woodward, and Ego Nwodim. Rococo were formed in 2014 and perform that Del Close classic form The Harold.

Rollin’ In Riches
Santa Monica, CA
Rolland Lopez teaches and performs improv at the Westside Comedy Theatre. Rich Baker teaches and performs at the Westside Comedy Theatre and Second City Hollywood.

Phoenix, AZ
With members from every part of this fresh nation, one audience suggestion brings Spearmint together to create different themes and worlds for the group to explore. Spearmint has been performing together since January 2014 and is a Harold team at the Torch Theatre in Phoenix Arizona.


A truly unique performance as some of the best performers from Australia, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Canada and the United States come together to perform two shows in Phoenix, Arizona. These two performances will bring together the performance styles from many nations and will only be performed in Phoenix before the performers return to their homes. This is a truly special event.
Directed by Neil Curran from Dublin, Ireland.

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