Laura Ingalls – Phoenix

thumbnail_1442036517-150x150Arizona Showcase

Thursday, April 14, 2016

7 p.m.

Tickets: $20


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Cast: Sara Palmer and Marisol Chavez

Laura Ingalls consists of Marisol Chavez and Sara Palmer.  One hailing from South Dakota and the other falling in love with Little House on the Prairie as a child, Laura Ingalls seemed a perfect fit.

These two friends (and comedy life partners) have been performing and touring together with an all lady troupe known as For a Good Time Call for the past two years. From this, their relationship has grown as well as their depth of familiarity and comfort on stage. After several road trips, exploring new cities and performing on different stages, the two became keenly interested in creating a show that focused on singular characters and their relationship and how that could grow throughout a twenty-five minute show. In this new project, a sense of people watching comes to life. The audience becomes a fly on the wall to a scenario based on their suggestion.

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