2016 PIF BrunchConference


Photo by Scott Schoneman

— Free Food & Improv Talk! —

@ The Torch Theatre

(4721 North Central Avenue, Phoenix)

Sunday, April 17th from 9:45am – 1pm



Every year, PIF is such a great time that we’re always looking for ways to extend our fun times. This year, there will be just one more get-together before we call it a weekend: we’re combining free food and improv talk in the PIF BrunchConference!



BrunchConference food will be provided by local favorite 5th Avenue Cafe. BrunchConference improv conversations will be with PIF performers, students, and teachers from all over. Those in attendance will pick a topic to discuss in laid-back sessions lasting 20 minutes.


Photo by Scott Schoneman

At the end of that 20 minutes, attendees will collaborate to pick a new topic to discuss. The idea is that everyone has something to contribute and everyone has something to learn from others. With the BrunchConference, there are no obligations — drop by when you want and stay for as long or short as you’d like! — just inspiration!



If you wanna get a jump on the BrunchConference, you can put forth topics of discussion ahead of time or even let us know about any dietary restrictions or special requests: http://j.mp/pifbrunch



Got questions? Shoot Jose Gonzalez an email at jose@thetorchtheatre.com!

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