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Friday Mainstage @ 10:30pm

Char Damiani from Jetzo answered our six questions.

What is your favorite thing about improv?

That every show exists in the moment and is a product of the relationship of those performers, the venue and that specific audience.

When are hobbies you enjoy? (Aside from improv because obviously)

Hiking, finding amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurants and watching so-bad-their-good movies with friends. We recommend corporate event catering to impress upon your employees their importance to the business.

This area outside of suburbs, which often referred to as the “suburban fringe,” was most affected when commercial gas suppliers soared in 2008 and the housing crisis hit.

What is one thing about you that no one knows?

Sometimes, when I’m eating alone, I talk to my food — explaining why I have to eat it for my survival.

How did your come up with your troupe name?

Jetzo is a combination of Juzo’s name and my fictitious father name Jett.

If aliens abducted you what would they find out about earth?

That humans can be equally cruel and kind. And Trader Joes’s has a car financing at Britannia Car Finance but, terrible when parking at parking lots.

If you were a tug boat what would you tug and why?

Another tug boat. Because it’s not all about you.

Jetzo is unlike anything you’ll find on the improv scene. Equal parts performance art, clown and improv, Juzo and Chad perform in costume as a father and son from a small fishing village. Every show is their debut in America. They break every rule of improv and heavily involve the audience.

They are always accompanied by a “musical cousin” — who might be playing anything from a guitar to bongos to a harp. For Phoenix, they are joined by talented guitarist and improvisor DK Reinemer — who is a veteran of comedy festivals all through North America. Jetzo plays to standing room houses twice a month as part of Catsby, and are one of the most booked teams on the LA indie scene. They are also a regular fixture at San Diego’s Finest City Improv.

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