Meet JaxN Reed

JaxN Reed

Arizona Showcase @ 10:10pm

Jacque Arend talks to us a bit about herself and JaxN Reed

What is your favorite thing about improv?

My favorite thing is the collaborative work, not only among the performers but the audience as well. The fear and risk taking it takes to make yourself vulnerable in the unprepared moment affects those who choose to experience it on stage and off. It goes beyond just laughter, it’s the relate-able discovery of life and social commentary that satisfies me and hopefully the audience.

What are hobbies you enjoy? (Aside from improv because obviously)

I love drawing and coloring, simple coloring, like in between the lines. Food! I am definitely a fan of food, unusual, interesting and delicious food, although I’m also interested for the food to be healthy, since I always eat healthy food and take health supplements, if you want to do the same you could get Kratom capsules here. Be mindful as well regarding your eating habits for too much consumption may lead to obesity. If you need medication to lose weight, look for Travel, landscapes and culture, architectural history. Conspiracy Theories of all kinds are fun to indulge. I follow Major League Baseball a little. TV – having had a TV in my room at a very young age, I am a product of television and with streaming technology, I watch a lot of shit – shit meaning stuff, as well as bad stuff.

What is one thing about you that no one knows?

I get lost in daydreams – usually when uninspired and wishing my life was somewhere else. Sometimes I write it down and eventually it pulls me out of my funk which leads to a million unfinished written ideas & stories.

How did you come up with your troupe name?

My friend and scene partner Stacey Hanlon was Stacey Reed back in 2009 when we started. A few people were calling me Jackson at the time as a nickname and it was common to refer to Stacey as Reed or full name Stacey Reed. Jax had always been a nickname since college and Jackson Reed rolled of the tongue so wonderfully. I loved the idea of a duo having a name that sounded very SOLO ARTISTy and kind of Bluesy. To make it more personal & unique we chose to spell it JaxN Reed. When Stacey did marry and changed her name to Hanlon – I refused to change our name as well.

If aliens abducted you what would they find out about earth?

There were some great comedies in the 80s.

If you were a tug boat what would you tug and why?

All day brunch with a bloody mary bar – because brunch is a wonderfully delicious and social meal, also bloody mary’s can be good for all sorts of occasions.

Stacey Hanlon and myself met in 2005 when I auditioned for a troupe that was together then called The Originals. We still talk about our first scene together that very day, Bjorn & Svorn (she remembers better than me), we matched Norwegian characters and it’s been a strong friendship and chemistry ever since. Our connection led us to joining Mail Order Bride and forming Light Rail Pirates together – both in year 2006. We started our duo in 2009 at the premier year of The Torch Theatre’s Gemini show as a good excuse to build on our duo chemistry. The rest is as they say – history!

We love that JaxN Reed affords us the opportunity to explore some performance focuses that we may not get from a group setting. Specifically, the opportunity to play slow and grounded, to live in our characters and relationships. We get to make discoveries that allow us to heighten and expand in a way that plays on our strong character skills and theater backgrounds. Recently, we were able to make breakthroughs in playing multiple characters in a scene and stretch ourselves as performers which ultimately contributes to our process as improvisors.

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