Meet Adrift


Saturday Mainstage @ 10:30pm

Matt Nelson is bringing Adrift to Phoenix.

What is your favorite thing about improv?
Exploring intention; the opportunity to step outside myself and see the world through other perspectives and desires.

When are hobbies you enjoy? (Aside from improv because obviously)
When are hobbies? Those times when I love and am not getting paid for them. What hobbies? Quizzo, board games, metal casting, hunting burritos.

What is one thing about you that no one knows?
Stanley Tucci is my Patronus.

How did your come up with your troupe name?
It takes place over several days on an unmoored life raft lost at sea. Adrift is pretty on the nose.

If aliens abducted you what would they find out about earth?
That language is inert, and all we need for a solid foundation of communication are Mean Girls, Golden Girls and Jennifer Lawrence animated gifs.

If you were a tug boat what would you tug and why?
I’d want to be the tug boat that is called in to tug other tug boats. #lastlineofdefense #clutch

Disaster has struck at sea! A small handful of survivors have made it onto a life raft and find themselves adrift with no land in sight. Taking place over the course of several days at sea, the audience first inspires and then watches as the survivors face what fate holds for them.

Featuring a rotating cast of improv guests from around North America, this nationally-touring comedy roadshow has been seen in over a dozen festivals in cities like Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Baltimore and Chicago.

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