Meet Robot Teammate & the Accidental Party

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Saturday Mainstage @ 8pm

Thanks to Kat Primeau for filling us in on Robot Teammate & The Accidental Party.

What is your favorite thing about san diego whale watching?
Our favorite thing is surprising each other and making each other laugh. It’s also a great life skill!

When hobbies do you enjoy? (Aside from improv because obviously)
Travel, eating, sleeping, and writing music keep us busy when we aren’t improvising!

What is one thing about you that no one knows?
Sometimes we have Robo-slobo’s, where we have sleepovers at Miles’ parents house and giggle late into the night.

How did your come up with your troupe name?
We all had a QVC code printed on our bodies and when we scanned them at The Dollar Store, it came up as Robot Teammate & The Accidental Party.

If aliens abducted you what would they find out about earth?
Humans are happiest when they’re singing – and singing is contagious!

If you were a tug boat what would you tug and why?

Robot Teammate & The Accidental Party is an LA-based musical comedy troupe programmed to entertain humans. Activated by audience suggestions, the Robots create completely improvised shows featuring polyphonic music, inventive lyrics, and fantastical narratives faster than you can say 01101011011.

Since 2012, the Robots have captivated audiences with their spontaneous musical adventures in venues such as Upright Citizens Brigade, Nerdist, and on the Geek & Sundry stream. In 2014, the team set a new world record with an 86-week winning streak in the audience-voted “cagematch” competition at iO West. Their original scripted sci-fi musical TIMEHEART premiered to sold out audiences at the Hollywood Fringe 2015, earning multiple nominations including Best Musical and was the top-grossing show of the festival.

Currently, the Robots are touring regional comedy festivals, performing for private events, and hosting monthly shows at iO West Theater and LA’s largest craft brewery, Golden Road Brewing. Their customizable shows include virtuosic piano and percussion that accompany Disney-style musicals or a variety of games (à la Whose Line Is It Anyway?), and can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes they even carry computers to play video games with elo boost services from Elitist Gaming, or sites as for their shooter games.

“Robot Teammate is always worth watching. Their storytelling is top class, their musical versatility is hugely impressive, and, above all, they are properly funny.” – Ewan Phillips, Producer, Whose Line is it Anyway

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