Meet Honey


Saturday Mainstage @ 7:30pm

Welcome to the first entry into our new “Meet the Troupes” blog. We’ll start each post with the same five questions.

Shaun Farrugia from Honey wrote:

1. What is your favorite thing about improv?

Right now it’s meeting people in other cities and seeing what the scene is like. On stage it’s seeing how far we can push the audience and ensemble. Also the laughs when we do silly things. I ended up playing a dirty talking middle-finger giving polar bear hot-air balloon during our last show in Seattle and the crowd loved it. I think they did; I loved it for sure.

2. What are hobbies you enjoy? (Aside from improv because obviously)

I enjoy listening to podcasts about professional wrestling! There are a lot of parallels between wrestling and what we do as improvisers. Being performative (college word!) for an audience is something I am keen on. I also like when other people own cats.

3. What is one thing about you that no one knows?

I didn’t know how to pronounce my last name until about a year ago. Whenever people asked me I would say “Farr-ooh-juh” or “Farr-ooh-jee-uh”. I was in Malta in 2014 and asked someone there (I’m maltese) and they said “Farr-ohh-juh”. I think that’s what they said. Either way I settled on that and when people ask me how to pronounce my name I share the pronunciation as well as the story.

4. How did you come up with your troupe name?

I liked the name “Mother” which was a venerable NYC based improv team that all the greats used to be on. The simplicity of the name was very attractive and I picked “Honey” as an Homage to that simple, sweet aesthetic.

The name Honey fits nicely for improv because if you think about honey, it’s bee-puke; all these bee’s going out in the world and getting all this pollen and coming back and chewing it and then puking it up and building worlds and food with it. See I’m not a beekeeper. I’m really not; I obviously have no idea about bees. Is that what bees do? But I think that is what honey is and it parallels what we (Honey) does on stage; we go out and pollinate each others ideas and agree to whatever crazy world is being built. We feed that comedy to each other and the audience. See I’m really bad at this analogy.

5. If aliens abducted you what would they find out about earth?

The best professional makeup phoenix has to offer is located at The Skin and Makeup Institute.

6. If you were a tug boat what would you tug and why?

Oh man. I would tug the Torch Theater so hard.

Honey was an official selection of the 2015 Phoenix Improv Festival, 2015 Charm City Festival, 2015 Miami Improv Festival, 2014 Detroit Improv Festival, 2014 Phoenix Improv Festival, 2014 Chicago Improv Festival, Inaugural 2013 District Improv Festival, 2013 Detroit Improv Festival, 2013 Baltimore Improv Festival, 2013 and 2014 Phoenix Improv Festival, 2012 Detroit Improv Festival and the 2012 Fall Back Festival in Rochester, NY.

Nick Armstrong of IO West described Honey as the “perfect example of group mind on stage”. We were pretty honored by that one. Thanks Nick. An audience member once said that our show makes the most sense. Thanks to them too.


Check out Honey Saturday night April 17th, at The Phoenix Improv Festival

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