Jetzo – Los Angeles

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Friday Mainstage @ 10:30pm

Friday, April 15, 2016

7 p.m.

Tickets: $20

Jetzo is unlike anything you’ll find on the improv scene. Equal parts performance art, clown and improv, Juzo and Chad perform in costume as a father and son from a small fishing village. Every show is their debut in America. They break every rule of improv and heavily involve the audience. They are always accompanied by a “musical cousin” — who might be playing anything from a guitar to bongos to a harp. For Phoenix, they are joined by talented guitarist and improvisor DK Reinemer — who is a veteran of comedy festivals all through North America. Jetzo plays to standing room houses twice a month as part of Catsby, and are one of the most booked teams on the LA indie scene. They are also a regular fixture at San Diego’s Finest City Improv.

“Their refusal to go for the cheap laugh and their empathetic play gives their act resonance and depth.” – Paola Coletto, world-renowned instructor, pedagogical director and founder of The School for Theater Creators.

“A show built on a commitment to the simple, that is anything but…” – Miles Stroth, teacher/founder of the Miles Stroth workshop.

Cast: Chad Damiani, Juzo Yoshida and special musical guests

“Jetzo is festival magic. A show that stands out in a line up of teams that stand out. A true crowd pleaser that brings the smiling child out of even the most sour adults. I can’t wait to get them back on my stage.” – Josh Nicols, Spectacles Improv and OC Improv Festival Director.

“I was totally inspired by their anarchic spirit, and the joy they share with the audience. It’s hard to find performers nowadays who have that sort of freshness and are exciting to watch.” – Phil Burgers (aka Dr. Brown), world-renowned clown and winner of Best Show at both the Melbourne and Edinburgh Comedy Festivals.

“Jetzo is tenderness and scandal all at once. The duo manages to take the audience on a fascinating journey through, at times uncomfortable images. The skill and presence of the duo are clear, charming and captivating.” – Kristen Schier, Producer of Philly Improv Theater’s Duofest.

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