Stage Contact


Stage combat + stage affection = stage contact! Expand the physicality in your scene work, as well as your level of comfort with touch, in this mini-workshop. Learn the how to engage in an improv setting, focusing on safety and effective non-verbal communication between you and your partner. We will also work on relationship definition through affection, exploring ways to show character intimacy with simple gestures, and how to be more relaxed about initiating and receiving physical contact. This workshop is about physicality, so please dress for movement. And have soft lips. Just kidding. We won’t actually mouth kiss in this workshop, and will devote some time to discussing boundary establishment with fellow players.

  • Instructor: Amy Carpenter
  • Date: Sat. April 18th
  • Time: 11:00am – 11:50am
  • Location: Actors WorkHouse (604 E Pierce Street, PHX)
  • Cost: $15.00
  • This Workshop is full – registration is closed.


dome home Amy Carpenter started improvising in 1999, while at The University of Arizona. As part of the shortform troupe, The Charles Darwin Experience, she fell in love with improv. Since then, she’s performed at improv festivals in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Phoenix, and Tucson. She now divides her time between Phoenix and Austin, TX, where she coaches troupes as well as teaches improv to children and senior citizens. She has been certified in stage combat and provided combat workshops for improv.

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