Everything You Need is in Your Partner


Being the only person inside your own head can get really lonely, sometimes. It also makes for really lousy improv. So get out of there, whydontcha? Realize that there’s a whole other person (or 2 or 4 or more!) on-stage with you and everything they say or do can be pure gold, if only you could see past your own nose. Making your partners look good is the 14karat way to have success in scenes and this workshop will focus on how to use everything that they give you to make your whole team shine. Brought to you by 1/2 of the ladies of Fancy Football responsible for one another’s on and off stage beauty since 2012.

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  • Instructor: Holly McKee-Clark
  • Date: Sat. April 18th
  • Time: 11:00am – 11:50am
  • Location: Actors WorkHouse (604 E Pierce Street, PHX)
  • Cost: $15.00
  • This Workshop is full – registration is closed.


hollyMHolly was born in Wisconsin. Then decades went by. Then she moved to LA and found make-em-ups and her life started. Now she performs several times weekly at iO West, Second City, UCB LA and indie theaters around town in such world-renowned groups as Drunkards & Dragons, Fancy Football and Gina!Gina!Gina!. Also, she learned to write the comediums and started performing her sketches on a house team at iO, Feeny, and that led her to cry for a month because she realized she actually wanted to be an actor. Not the end of story.