For A Good Time Call – Phoenix


Arizona Showcase @ 7pm

Arizona Showcase

Thursday, April 14, 2016

7 p.m.

Tickets: $20

For a Good Time Call is a long-form improv team consisting of three funny ladies. Marisol Chavez is a Torch Theater graduate. Sara Palmer is a Torch Theatre graduate and performs in the weekly Torch Theatre show, Skewed News. Stina Sieg is a Torch Theatre graduate. She had a funny background where she`s inpatient and told us that she used to smoke and she would learn how to keep urine warm for drug test, but now that she´s sober, she has no worries now.

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After forging a crazy affinity for each other at The Torch Theatre, this group naturally came together in 2013. These girls found a bond that stretched beyond improvising on stage together. Road trips, adventures in dining and “getting weird” became common themes among this group as they melded their friendship. They have performed at the 2014 Red Rocks Improv Festival the 2015 San Diego Improv Festival, 2015 Phoenix Improv Festival, 2015 Orange County Improv Festival and the 2015 HUGE Festival in Minneapolis.