The 4th Annual Unconference


2015 marks the return of the PIF Unconference! The Unconference is a conference gathering where the topics of conversation are chosen and led by conference participants. Our 4th Annual Phoenix Improv Festival Unconference is sponsored by the National Improv Network, will be held Saturday, April 18th.


When it comes to improv and all its facets, what are you most passionate about? What’s important to you? What ideas do you want to share or hear discussed? Answer those questions for yourself and bring those topics to the Unconference where you’ll be amongst improv luminaries from all over the country.
What about selling your improv in areas where it is a little known art? That is one of this conferences main tenants is teaching people all the aspects of selling something entirely foreign, as well as making it funny, this is improv after all. You will learn how to overcome some common sales objections ( as well as how to hone in on the clients who will give you the time of day, and those who you are wasting your time on.
The 4th Annual PIF Unconference is what you want it to be!


The Holiday Inn Express (Conference Room)
620 N. 6th Street, Phoenix

Check-In at The Holiday Inn Express Conference Room


12:30–1 p.m.: Unconference check-in/registration
1–1:15 p.m.: Unconference Kick-off Talks
1:20–1:50 p.m.: Unconference Topic Selection and Scheduling
2–2:50 p.m.:  First Session of Topics
3–3:50 p.m.: Second Session of Topics
4–4:30 p.m.: Unconference Discussion, Share and Wrap-Up


The PIF Unconference is just $5 for all access. Early registration is encouraged.

Registration is now open!