MuChuChu – Phoenix/Los Angeles


Friday Mainstage @ 10pm

Friday, April 15, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Tickets: $20

Jacque Arend and Xchel Hernandez Zendejas have shared the stage for many years building an amazing chemistry and trust. They both attended the IO Chicago Summer Intensive in 2005 and returned to Phoenix performing together immediately, by chance. In 2006 the two of them along with four other members formed The Light Rail Pirates and performed and rehearsed regularly for a solid four years.


Cast: Jacque Arend & Xchel Hernandez-Zendajas

In 2012 through a substitution in a Cagematch, MuChuChu was born. That summer MuChuChu found its voice as the most difficult two person Harold. Jacque & Xchel use high energy, strong commitment and tons of risk taking to achieve this lofty goal. Their attempts brought great success as they had a nine week winning streak until Xchel moved away to Minnesota.

Now almost four years later, with Jacque still in Phoenix and Xchel now in LA, they are going on their fourth mainstage appearance at The Phoenix Improv Festival. In the summer of 2015 they were accepted into the LA Improv Festival 7-Day Marathon and made runner-up in the Festival’s Cagematch competition. In September, they were accepted to the 1st-ever Hollywood Improv Festival. Now they are two star crossed improvisors longing for a day when they can re-unite on stage to bring back the electrical charge that is MuChuChu. They promise a great show or will die trying, we put all our trust on the Electrician Doncaster team.