Umlautilde – Phoenix/Chicago

Umlautilde’s shows range from the absurdly ridiculous to the sublime and grounded. Primarily performing an improvised one-act play — which they sometimes bend, twist and shatter — Umlautilde explores characters brought together by fate. Bob Fisher is a veteran improvisor, beginning about 25 years ago in Chicago and performing with Cardiff Giant, Bang Bang, The Second City’s TourCo and The Annoyance Theater. Jose Gonzalez started improvising about 12 years ago in Phoenix with Galapagos, Dangerville, and The Torch Theatre. They started improvising as Umlautilde in 2008 and haven’t stopped. Umlautilde has appeared in the Chicago Improv Festival (2013), Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (2012), UCB-NY’s Del Close Marathon (2010-2012) and the Phoenix Improv Festival (2009-2013).